This Week’s Attack Dawg Bite Award Goes To Bob McCullough

Bob McCullough2

It’s funny, in a sad way, how many in congress and the mentally challenged like Donald Trump and Rush Limbaugh claim the world has lost respect for America because of poor leadership from President Obama. Nothing could be further from the truth. The world no longer respects us because of America’s race problem. It’s choking us to death. No longer are countries buying into the “America, home of the free” or “liberty and justice for all” crap anymore. Bob McCullough, Missouri State Prosecutor, showed the world once again this country’s oldest form of domestic terrorism is not only tolerated but protected by our state and local governments. Last night this miscreant pulled his pants down and mooned the black communities in Ferguson and across the country with handling of Michael Browns murder! From the day of Michael Brown’s murder over 100 days ago until this week’s failure to indict Darren Wilson for that murder the shameful cycle of valuless Black life marches on. Just like Amadou Diallo, there are no consequences for our murders, when they are committed by cops. The state prosecutor represented the interests of his colleague, witness and fellow “law” enforcer, Darren Wilson. McCullough failed the Browns but more important, he failed the community of Ferguson where murderous cops walk free. Former NY State chief judge Sol Wachtler once said that any competent prosecutor could have a Grand Jury indict a ham sandwich if he wanted. Well maybe a ham sandwich but not a cop who murders an unarmed Black boy. Well Bob, enjoy that ham sandwich as I gladly shove this week’s Attack Dawg Bite Award down your miserable throat . . . . because you deserve it!

This Week’s Attack Dawg Bite Award Goes to The Keystone XL Pipeline

pipeline photo2

Now, let me get this straight. You want to build a pipeline for the Canadians to run the filthiest oil known to man from the Canadian Tar Sands through America down to Mexico? Am I correct? No. No. Hell no! No more projects that harm the environment and make fat greedy rich people fatter and greedier! Don’t give me that crap about it will create more jobs, as some labor unions profess, especially, when I consider the consequences of building something so environmentally unfriendly. Want more jobs?  Let’s focus more on Solar Energy. It’s clean; it’s safe for the environment and there are many jobs waiting to be filled in solar exploration. We can hire people to fix the old pipelines we already have or put people to work on our roads and bridges. These types of created jobs  will keep labor unions relevant and all will be happy. The outcry against the KXL from the Native-American tribes, where this pipeline is to run, is loud and clear. The Rosebud Sioux Tribe, along with the Lakota Indians, are adamant that the pipeline will not run through where they live and on their sacred grounds. They feel that building the KXL is equivalent to an act of war! They stand against the pipeline on the grounds of the Ft. Laramie Treaty of 1851- 1868, article two which protects their land from being disturbed by white people, with things like the pipeline. Of course we know the value of a promise or a treaty from “Ol’ Pale Face”. (I know my editor will have my scalp for those comments- no pun intended).  So, on behalf of all of the Native Americans in those areas that could be affected by the KXL and Americans that have a clue about the environment, I give the House of Representatives (who voted yes on the pipeline) and all the pipeline supporters this week’s Attack Dawg Bite Award.

This Week’s Attack Dawg Bite Award Goes To Congress MIA

MIA Congress2

Once again, I award this lazy shiftless Republican congress this week’s Attack Dawg Bite award. They are missing in action by vacationing while our country goes to war with Issis. It goes to show that they care nothing about the security of this country. Ironically, the pubbies met over 51 times to destroy Obamcare but chose to vacation when the country needs them most regarding the Issis Crisis. Let’s remember their callous disregard for our country in November and send those bums packing. By the way, if I hear one more critic maligning the President for making an executive decision to bomb Issis and not clearing it with congress I’ll choke! Congress is MIA, and the president and the rest of the world won’t wait on them while they play their cheap politics to influence the mid-term elections.

This Week’s Attack Dawg Bite Award Goes To Donald Chump

Donald Chump2 6-14

Congratulations to The Central Park Five! After all of the atrocities suffered over so many years, they finally won their lawsuit and were awarded forty-million bucks! It was a small amount compared to the evil that was done to them.  It robbed them of their youth. Because of the trumped-up charges, the five were incarcerated for what was a modern day Scottsboro Boys incident. Speaking of trumped-up charges, Donald Trump charges “the settlement is a disgrace and is the biggest heist of the century!” Donald Trump has repeatedly shown the world that he is as close to a racist as one can get. He’s on the same level as that other Donald. At the time those boys were railroaded for the crime, Trump took out full page ads in local newspapers condemning them. The ads were racist in content, which added to racial hysteria and helped then-Mayor Ed Koch divide New York along color lines. Trump’s true racist leaning came out even more in his personal crusade to undermine Barack Obama’s presidency with his ridiculous birther conspiracy obsession. I think it’s time to call Mr. Trump on his flagrant racism and his disrespect to all Americans. Outright lies and racism disrespect all Americans. A boycott would stop Trump’s willful disrespect, arrogance and overt racism. Stop looking at his TV shows.  Low ratings are not tolerated in TV land! We can stand to miss that Miss USA Pageant and The Apprentice needs to be Fired too. Stop gambling at his casinos. With all of the online gambling and Native-American casinos available, he couldn’t stand the snub financially. Stop buying his clothing line. They’re ugly anyway! Unlike the Koch brothers, Trump’s properties are easy to identify because he suffers from ADHD, “Attention Delirium Hype Disorder!” He loves to put his name on everything, unlike the slithering “Kochers.” Remember! “The only way to stop a bad guy who is a racist, is with a good guy who won’t buy from that racist!” America, if we boycotted this tyrant-with-a-comb-over for six short months, it would knock some sense into him.  AND, I’ll never have to present him with this week’s Attack Dawg Bite Award again!

This Week’s Attack Dawg Bite Award Goes To Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly2

Megyn, I understand you had the temerity to declare that Jesus and Santa Clause are white! Megyn, that type of declaration is one you make in the privacy of your home, and preface it by telling your kids not to repeat it. It is reminiscent of something one would hear back in say, 1954 when bigotry wasn’t challenged. To make that kind of racist statement on television in total comfort is alarming. It says something about Fox’s comfort level in making offensive statements, and not worrying about offending its audience!  In spite of how diverse the country has become, there is a level of acceptance in America for this kind of overt racism, which causes me to question how far we have or have NOT come in America. Megyn, true, Santa is based on a European saint; however, Santa Claus is a legend.  He isn’t real, Megyn!  To claim that he is white in 2013 is in very poor taste. Santa, in many households of color, is far from white. Assigning a racial identity to Jesus is ill-advised narrow and foolish.  If one needs to assign a racial identity to Him, let’s start with where He was born and some biblical descriptions of Him (hair like wool). In my opinion, Jesus being white is as likely as you being blonde. For you, Megyn, and some of Fox’s myopic, racist viewers, Jesus and Santa may be white. Your nerve in making such a stupid declaration on nationwide television, even Fox, in this season of good will earns you this week’s Attack Dawg Bite Award. It would be great if you and your viewers would cease to divide and begin to promote the spirit of good will. Let’s just let Jesus be Jesus and Santa be Santa as they appear in each household.