This Week’s Attack Dawg Bite Award Goes To Dick Cheney

Dick Cheney-Final2


Dick, I’ve given you this award so many times that I’ve stopped counting! I saw you on TV last Sunday refusing to admit waterboarding is an illegal, inhumane torture. You may not want to admit it but you, George Bush, and many in your administration are nothing more than war criminals. With your hateful, dishonest disposition, no wonder you go through so many tickers. “Enhanced Interrogation Tactics” is a euphemism for torture no matter how you and CIA Director John Brennan spin it. What gets me is your response to the Senate Torture Report that you haven’t even read that you describe as “full of crap”! No Dick, you are full of crap and also full of this week’s Attack Dawg Bite Award.

This Week’s Attack Dawg Bite Award Goes To Bill deBlasio

Bill deBlasio

Bill, you talk the talk but do you walk the walk? Many New Yorkers and in particular Black New Yorkers, were happy to be a key factor in getting you elected. In fact, Blacks overwhelmingly supported you over Bill Thompson, who happens to be black. Why? Because Thompson foolishly spoke up in support of “Stop and Frisk” the divisive police tactic that intimidates and singles out people of color. Stop and Frisk gives cops way too much power to randomly stop and search any one they feel like stopping. Unfortunately, black and brown people are the ones being harassed with this senseless racial profiling. Thompson, like yourself, needed the black and brown vote to get elected but consequently had a snowball’s chance in hell after he spoke up for this biased police policy. The City has seen its share of Mayors who divided New York along color lines. Ed Koch and Rudolph Giuliani were experts at racial division. Almost before the celebratory ticker tape was swept up on election day you blundered. Bill, you appointed, of all people, Bill Bratton, the chief architect of Stop and Frisk as well as “Broken Windows” policing as your top cop. The Broken windows policy simply allows cops to arrest anyone for the most tiny infraction of the law with the intent of keeping that individual from committing bigger crimes in the future. Broken Windows policing could be the very thing that killed Eric Garner. Bratton, you should recall, swore by this policy as top cop during the “Gouliani” administration and in other cities where he was police chief such as Los Angeles and Boston. Mayor deBlasio, You and your family are a great example of the beauty of diversity we enjoy here in New York City. Who didn’t love your young son Dante, sporting not only his afro but the promise of a fresh wind of change in this racially divided city. But when you brought Bratton aboard shortly after your election, many felt the promised wind of change turned into a chilling draft with a foul odor. Mr. Mayor, promises and flowery speeches will not bring change while the old guard are steering the helm. The only change it will bring is a new administration in 2017. Hopefully, this 2014 Attack Dawg Bite Award will be long forgotten come your next election day!

This Week’s Attack Dawg Bite Award Goes To Pharrell Williams

pharrell williams2


Pharrell, I get It!  You’ve become a great talent in “The Big House” they call mainstream America so you must act and say things that will keep you there. (Cue Samuel Jackson’s “Stephen” character in Django Unchained.) But your comment last month, when interviewed by Ebony magazine, about Michael Brown looking “Bully-ish”, well, just makes you sound very Stupid-ish!” I’m not going to convict Brown of being a bully based on one video of him doing something wrong because one, it has nothing to do with that cop shooting him and two, he’s dead.  Whatever his past transgression were, he’s more than paid for them with his life! To say that a murder victim was sometimes “bully-ish” is like saying a rape victim was wearing a short dress. In my opinion the bully-ish comment, no matter how innocent the intent, suggests the exoneration to a cold-blooded execution committed by a police officer on a hot day in August. Your comment is as bad as the NY Times article back in September proclaiming “Michael Brown was no Angel”.  News flash, who is? He or she who is an angel can shoot the first seven bullets as did the angel, Darren Wilson. Pharrell, in April you also made comments about your “new black theory” which I likewise find rather stupid-ish. Your new black theory says that “New Blacks don’t blame their issues on other races. The New Black dreams and realizes that it is not pigmentation: It’s a mentality that is going to work for you or against you and you must decide what side you are on”. Huh? Listen you little up-start tell that to numerous young black college students who were turned away from colleges in Michigan, California and Texas because affirmative action was repealed in those states. Tell that to the New Blacks that actually live all of those double digit Black unemployment statistics. Tell that to the New Blacks who work just as hard as anyone but get paid twenty to thirty percent less than their white counterparts. Pharrell, Black people require a strong positive mentality to surmount overwhelming odds. They realize it is about pigmentation in this country! They just don’t let that hold them back! And in the Micheal Brown murder, they have chosen a side along with many other races, against a policeman who committed murder, not murder-ish!  So, Pharaoh, Pharrell or whatever your name is, knock off the “House Negro” comments about a very big problem in our country that needs to be addressed truthfully. For the Bully-ish and New Black Theory comments, please accept this week’s Attack Dawg Bite Award.
PS Charles Barkley is the ultimate Alabama Porch Monkey!

This Week’s Attack Dawg Bite Award Goes To Bob McCullough

Bob McCullough2

It’s funny, in a sad way, how many in congress and the mentally challenged like Donald Trump and Rush Limbaugh claim the world has lost respect for America because of poor leadership from President Obama. Nothing could be further from the truth. The world no longer respects us because of America’s race problem. It’s choking us to death. No longer are countries buying into the “America, home of the free” or “liberty and justice for all” crap anymore. Bob McCullough, Missouri State Prosecutor, showed the world once again this country’s oldest form of domestic terrorism is not only tolerated but protected by our state and local governments. Last night this miscreant pulled his pants down and mooned the black communities in Ferguson and across the country with handling of Michael Browns murder! From the day of Michael Brown’s murder over 100 days ago until this week’s failure to indict Darren Wilson for that murder the shameful cycle of valuless Black life marches on. Just like Amadou Diallo, there are no consequences for our murders, when they are committed by cops. The state prosecutor represented the interests of his colleague, witness and fellow “law” enforcer, Darren Wilson. McCullough failed the Browns but more important, he failed the community of Ferguson where murderous cops walk free. Former NY State chief judge Sol Wachtler once said that any competent prosecutor could have a Grand Jury indict a ham sandwich if he wanted. Well maybe a ham sandwich but not a cop who murders an unarmed Black boy. Well Bob, enjoy that ham sandwich as I gladly shove this week’s Attack Dawg Bite Award down your miserable throat . . . . because you deserve it!

This Week’s Attack Dawg Bite Award Goes to The Keystone XL Pipeline

pipeline photo2


Now, let me get this straight. You want to build a pipeline for the Canadians to run the filthiest oil known to man from the Canadian Tar Sands through America down to Mexico? Am I correct? No. No. Hell no! No more projects that harm the environment and make fat greedy rich people fatter and greedier! Don’t give me that crap about it will create more jobs, as some labor unions profess, especially, when I consider the consequences of building something so environmentally unfriendly. Want more jobs?  Let’s focus more on Solar Energy. It’s clean; it’s safe for the environment and there are many jobs waiting to be filled in solar exploration. We can hire people to fix the old pipelines we already have or put people to work on our roads and bridges. These types of created jobs  will keep labor unions relevant and all will be happy. The outcry against the KXL from the Native-American tribes, where this pipeline is to run, is loud and clear. The Rosebud Sioux Tribe, along with the Lakota Indians, are adamant that the pipeline will not run through where they live and on their sacred grounds. They feel that building the KXL is equivalent to an act of war! They stand against the pipeline on the grounds of the Ft. Laramie Treaty of 1851- 1868, article two which protects their land from being disturbed by white people, with things like the pipeline. Of course we know the value of a promise or a treaty from “Ol’ Pale Face”. (I know my editor will have my scalp for those comments- no pun intended).  So, on behalf of all of the Native Americans in those areas that could be affected by the KXL and Americans that have a clue about the environment, I give the House of Representatives (who voted yes on the pipeline) and all the pipeline supporters this week’s Attack Dawg Bite Award.