This Week’s Attack Dawg Bite Award Goes To Benjamin Netanyahu

Benjamin Netanyahu3a


Bennie, considering all of the support over the years that President Obama has shown Israel, it is really pathetic how you have reciprocated with deceit and disrespect. To set your feet on American soil to undermine President Obama’s policy to negotiate a nuclear-free Iran is unbelievable! It is not only in the interest of America, it is also in Israel’s interests. Every time I see you making unfounded accusations against Iran, complete with redlines, time lines and cartoon diagrams of bombs, I realize you are a real nut case. What the hell do you want? We don’t want to get tangled in a war with Iran if negotiations are possible! The last thing we want is to get into is another war because another idiot thinks another country has WMDs! Then, you conspire with one of the biggest jack-asses in our country to speak before, basically, House Republicans without consulting the President. What buffoons you and Boehner are!  If you think your snub of the President makes you look big in the eyes of the world, you are sadly mistaken. You look foolish and small! I pray this week in America is poison for your bid for re-election in Israel. I hope the only thing you get from this week’s visit is this week’s Attack Dawg Bite Award!