This Week’s Attack Dawg Bite Award Goes To Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick2


Bill, I laughed almost to tears when I saw you deny any knowledge of ball tampering at last week’s news conference. I believed you about as much as I believed Christie’s lack of knowledge about the bridge. Bill, we all know a frog won’t leap in your camp without your knowledge. We all have seen people like you in our lives: smart, great at what you do but something’s wrong – something that keeps you from being the best. If it weren’t for you getting in your own way, your name would be right up there with the coaching greats: Halas, Lombardi, Brown or Parcells. But, what is wrong with you is arrogance, entitlement, an over-inflated ego, which could lead you to under inflate a football. Then there was the infamous 2007 “Spygate” that garnered you the ire of every football fan in America. – secretly video recording the Jet’s sideline signals. That little stunt cost you 500,000 bucks and the team another $250,000. The country rejoiced when the Giants turned your 18-0 record into a 18-1 Super bowl loss. Bill, there’s a word for guys like you and that word is amoral, which simply means you’re helpless when it comes to doing the right thing. The irony is your team was clearly better than the Colts and needed no skullduggery to win the AFC Championship. Now, you and Brady, who you threw under the bus, are facing the Super bowl. In the rare chance that your team wins, everybody, including Patriot fans, will feel as deflated as one of your footballs. I predict that the Seahawks are going to win by at least ten points because they are a much better team. You can spy on their sideline signals, you can deflate all the footballs you want but your team cannot beat the Seattle Seahawks. The only win the New England Patriots will get this Sunday is this week’s Attack Dawg Bite Award.

This Week’s Attack Dawg Bite Award Goes To J. Scott Dennis

J. Scott Dennis2


I guess you are wondering who the hell is J. Scott Dennis? J. Scott is the North Miami Beach police chief who defended the recent practice of his officers using mug shots of six black men for target practice. In this climate of poor relations between cops and black communities nationwide, you would think the North Miami Beach Police Department would act more responsibly or maybe more reasonably. The kicker was J. Scott’s defense for using the mug shot targets. J. claimed no department policies were violated and the gallery of black men’s mug shots for target practice wasn’t racially motivated. But, the award winning stupid comment he made in defense for his department’s poor judgment gets him this week’s Attack Dawg Bite Award. J. Scott proudly claimed that they use white and Hispanic mug shots, too, for target practice. Hey, Police Chief J. Scott Dennis, how about not using any mug shots for target practice? … Duh!

This Week’s Attack Dawg Bite Award Goes To Goodluck Jonathan

Goodluck Jonathan2


President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria, you are a worthless, pathetic joke! You have allowed a band of criminals, masquerading as Islamists, to murder, rape and pillage your country. These thugs are known as Boko Haram and their claim to fame is a desire to impose a stricter enforcement of sharia law across Africa. I’m willing to bet that most, if not all, of them can’t even spell “sharia” and have never read the holy Koran, judging from their destructive deeds. Goodluck, the only behavior worse than Boko Haram’s behavior is yours. Your bad behavior is as the leader of Nigeria; your inability to protect your citizens; and your impotence in effectively dealing with such a violent group, which are numbered in the few hundreds up to a few thousand. That group has committed senseless murders beginning in 2009.

The kidnappings of two hundred young school girls last April, who have yet to be returned, is appalling. Last week, these cowards massacred over two thousand people in the town of Baga. Little attention was given to this atrocity because Western and African media were focused on the Paris attacks in the same week.
Goodluck, I found it interesting, to say the least, that you expressed condolences for the victims of France but remained silent about Boko Haram’s massacre of your own people. The only thing that seemed to be important to you last week was your daughter, Faith’s, elaborate wedding. Your failure to address the Baga murders was also because of politics. You are up for reelection next month and don’t want the Nigerian people to be reminded of how ineffective you have been in stopping Boko Haram. Hopefully, the Nigerian people will realize how useless you are and rid themselves of you! Goodluck, the only thing you should be allowed to retain after next month’s elections is this week’s Attack Dawg Bite Award!

This Week’s Attack Dawg Bite Award Goes To Pat Lynch

Pat Lynch2

Folks, I know that this week’s award is for a very local New York City concern, but it does merit some national concern. Police departments must adhere to proper conduct nationwide! To police a community of any color, it is imperative not to have a “us against them” mentality. Pat Lynch seems to think the opposite. Pat Lynch, union president for the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association (PBA) in New York City, is a loose cannon! He’s the fool who accuses Mayor Bill deBlasio of being anti-police. Lynch’s accusations were made because the mayor acknowledged there is a need for police policy reform and accountability when policing communities of color. This was in the aftermath of the grand jury that cleared officer Pantaleo for murdering Eric Garner in a choke hold. This flaw in justice, along with the Michael Brown murder in Ferguson, MO has spurred protests in New York and other cities nationwide. The mayor has been verbally attacked by Lynch for disclosing his warnings to his teenage bi-racial son, Dante, on how to conduct himself if stopped by police. Pat Lynch took his rhetoric to another level when police officers Ramos and Liu were murdered by a mentally disturbed black man from Maryland. Lynch claimed the Mayor has blood on his hands for Ramos’ and Liu’s murders because of the Mayor’s support of the protesters against police violence. What an idiot! To add insult to the murdered cops’ families, many in the NYPD, at the behest of Lynch, turned their backs to the mayor in protest as he tried to comfort those families at the funerals and other public events. Why all the saber rattling by Lynch against a pro-labor Mayor at such an inappropriate time? Oh, the ugly face of politics! Pat Lynch is running for a fifth term as top man at the PBA. Instead of working in step with the Mayor to build better relations with communities of color, this fraud chose divisive politics for personal gain. Hopefully, decent cops will see him for what he is and vote him out of office. One thing for sure is Attack Dawg sees Lynch for the charlatan he is and awards him this week’s Attack Dawg Bite Award.


Attack Dawg’s 2014 Person of The Year Award Goes To … Bob McCullough

Bob McCullough4 copy

Thanks Bob. Thanks for being the most worthless loser in 2014. Your racist actions proved costly and made a mockery of the judicial system. Thank you for failing to indict Darren Wilson, the Ferguson, MO cop who murdered Michael Brown. It took us back to the Jim Crow era. The high point of your dastardly deception is that it showed America and the world how racially biased our legal system is. Thanks for the Kangaroo Grand Jury and your trumped-up lying witness who wasn’t even at the crime scene. It all exposed you for what you are: a racist predator ill-equipped to serve the people of Missouri. The big picture is, Bob, your pea-brain could’ve never imagined your venomous racism would bring a nation of all colors together in protest. Your weakness has made us stronger and more enlightened on how flawed and worthless a Grand Jury can become, if used improperly. Thanks so much for giving us hate so we can despise it and use it to grow into a more tolerant nation. I have a fitting and just reward for such a scoundrel as yourself, Bob, the most uncoveted  Attack Dawg Person of The Year Award!